Outdoor Instruments

We have developed a range of outdoor musical instruments to meet some of the requirements set out within the revised curriculum.

All of our tuned items use aluminium chimes of various lengths and diameters which give the range of notes required. All of our chimes are accurately tuned, powdercoated to give the tough, vibrant range of colours and mounted on an array of attractive timber frames. 

Please note that all prices exclude VAT, delivery & installation

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This is our most popular item which is fantastic as a standalone item but can also be used as a starting point for a sound and sensory area. There are eight two inch diameter chimes, accurately tuned to the notes CDEFGABC and mounted on a substantial timber frame. When installed, the set of chimes stands 1.5m tall and provides a great sensory addition to any play area.

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£595.00 exc VAT
(£714.00 inc VAT)

Large Chimes
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Our Large Chimes consist of six 3” diameter aluminium chimes tuned to the notes CDEGAC with the lowest note being C2.  These colourful chimes produce a warm, low frequency resonance that can be felt as well as heard as they can resonate for up to one minute. The chimes range in size from 1.8m down to 1.3m tall and once installed, the overall size of the unit is 2.0m high and 1m wide. This item is supplied complete with its own treated timber frame.


£895.00 exc VAT
(£1074.00 inc VAT)

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The Xylo uses the same two inch diameter tuned notes as the Chimes item however the Xylo is has been designed for wall mounting. This item is great for bringing colour to a dull corner, wall or entrance hall. This item can also be fitted to an internal masonry wall making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

£595.00 exc VAT
(£714.00 inc VAT)

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The Spiral consists of eight chimes tuned C to C which are individually mounted on chunky timber posts. As the chimes get longer with each note, so do the posts. The elements of the Spiral are arranged in a 3.0m diameter circle with the chimes facing outward. This gives a unique play experience as children can move through the instrument as they play. The Spiral also looks great installed along a path. The post heights range from 2.0m  to 1.2m tall.

£750.00 exc VAT
(£900.00 inc VAT)

Tall Boys
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Tall Boys are a set of six, three inch diameter chimes tuned to the notes CDEGAC. However the difference is that they are BIG! These chimes give a wonderful deep resonance  which can actually be felt and seen if you hold light objects such as a pencil against them. As the sound can be felt as well as heard, Tall Boys give a multi-sensory experience. Tall Boys stand 2.4m tall.

£995.00 exc VAT
(£1194.00 inc VAT)

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The Crash consists of three coloured cymbals mounted on a timber frame. The cymbals are different sizes and therefore produce different sounds. This item gives a great contrast to the softer sounds of the other instruments.

£495.00 exc VAT
(£594.00 inc VAT)

Bell Tree
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This stand alone item has four coloured, metal bells in four different sizes mounted on a chunky timber post. The bells range in size from 10” down to 7” in diameter, each sounding with a different pitch.


Overall size: 1.5m x 0.4m

£875.00 exc VAT
(£1050.00 inc VAT)

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This impressive item uses an 8” round timber post to support a set of 3” diameter chimes. The tuned chimes are made from aluminium with a coloured powder coat finish. They range in height from 2.0m down to 1.2m and when struck produce a low level humming noise. This results in a multi-sensory experience as the sound can be heard, felt and even seen by hold light objects such as a pencil, piece of paper or string against the chimes.


Overall size: 2.4m x 0.5m


£1125.00 exc VAT
(£1350.00 inc VAT)

Tubano Drums

These five drums at various sizes are a great addition to any sound & sensory environment and have proved extremely popular with previous customers. The drums can be fixed at varying heights or can be supplied with a timber base at additional cost so they can be moved.

£1050.00 exc VAT
(£1260.00 inc VAT)

Drum Set
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Three drums at various sizes are a great addition to any sound & sensory environment and have been extremely popular with previous customers. The drums are made from very heavy duty plastic and mounted in an attractive curved frame.

£1250.00 exc VAT
(£1500.00 inc VAT)


Check out our new iSense range here

The iSense range is a new take on our outdoor musical instruments.  We have introduced aluminium posts, HDPE panels and reinforced beaters meaning these items are tough and durable.  We love the contemporary feel of these outdoor instruments and hope that you do too!

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