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Making children aware of their environment and how to take positive actions to take care of it is probably more important now than ever. Encouraging good habits and understanding at an early age will have a positive effect on future lifestyle choices. Our range of Eco Play products are a fun way of getting the children enthusiastic about the great outdoors, nature and recycling. Our products encourage learning through hands on investigation and discovery so don't be scared to get your hands a little dirty!

Prices below do not include VAT, installation or delivery.  Please get in touch for further information.

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We can supply timber planters of any size, however this 1.2m x 0.7m x 0.65m is our most popular design. Supplied fully assembled with an internal base, all you need to do is add compost and sensory plants such as Lavender, Chocolate Cosmos or Mint

£255.00 exc VAT
(£306.00 inc VAT)

Inspection Table

The Inspection Table is a focus point for children to discuss and learn about items they have found whilst exploring outdoors. It is a great teaching aid for children to learn about insects, leaves, stones and many other items them may find out and about in the playground. It comes complete with buckets so your children can carry their finds back and forth!

£678.00 exc VAT
(£813.60 inc VAT)

Complete Modular Planter

The complete modular planter comes with a central unit and five planters, each with a handy chalkboard and wheels to aid mobility.  A propagation cover can also be added at an additional cost to maintain a warm and damp environment for seeds and cuttings to grow in.  Growing their own plants and vegetables has a wide variety of benefits including;

  • Sustainability: teach pupils to grow their own vegetables
  • Enterprise skills: encourage them to sell surplus produce
  • Food Technology: try new recipes with their self-grown vegetables

£1771.00 exc VAT
(£2125.20 inc VAT)

Chalkboard Planter

This clever little planter comes complete with chalkboard ends to keep track of what's growing and handy wheels to aid mobility.  It is shown here with the propagation cover which comes at additional cost.

£271.00 exc VAT
(£325.20 inc VAT)

Vertical Planter

This vertical planter holds up to 14 plant pots (included) and is perfect for climbing or trailing plants.  A fantastic solution for adding life and colour even if you have limited space!

£304.00 exc VAT
(£364.80 inc VAT)

Growth Measure

A great way to develop children's estimation and practical measuring skills.  See who has the greenest fingers with this striking measuring pole.


£154.00 exc VAT
(£184.80 inc VAT)

Planter with seats 1.0m x 0.5m

This planter provides the perfect little perches around the edge for children to sit on while they work!  There are also chalkboards placed around the edge of this planter to keep track of what is growing or what year group it belongs to.  During play times this also acts a great place just to stop and chat.

Also available in 1.0m x1.0m and 1.0m x 1.5m

£516.00 exc VAT
(£619.20 inc VAT)

Worm Villas

Have you ever wondered how those little worms do all that work in making compost?  This Worm Villa has a viewing panel built in to watch them at work and see them in action!  You will need to add your own worms to this... unfortunately we can't supply the lives ones however we do provide a very interesting worm fact sheet. 

£405.00 exc VAT
(£486.00 inc VAT)


This is a fantastic teaching aid that allows pupils to make their own compost to use in their planters.  It teaches the importance of recycling helps them to understand the processes involved in making compost.

£897.00 exc VAT
(£1076.40 inc VAT)

Freestanding Bird Table

An attractive, modern looking large bird table manufactured from sawn timber and coloured CGL panels.  This will help to encourage a wide variety of birds to your play area - a great bonus for nature lessons. 

£79.00 exc VAT
(£94.80 inc VAT)

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