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ID: i-sense 0011

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ID: i-sense-001 iChimes

Our new iChimes consist of 8 tuned aluminium chimes which produce a wonderful soft tone. Children can enjoy exploring tone and pitch as they express themselves through this great instrument.

The chimes are fixed onto two heavy duty HDPE supports usings our unique mounting system. These are then fixed to chunky aluminium posts which can be powder coated in a range of colours. Specially designed play grade rope beaters are permanently attached to the posts for added security.

size - 1.5m tall & 1.2m wide

Listen to iChimes (315kb)

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£995.00 exc VAT
(£1194.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-003 iMast

The iMast has four tuned aluminium chimes which produce pleasing harmonising tones. These are attached to a central aluminium support post with our specially developed mounting system. The support post can be powder coated in a range of colours and is supplied with one of our unique play grade rope beaters attached.

Size - 1.5m tall & 0.25m wide

Listen to iMast (359kb)

Colour Choice:
£595.00 exc VAT
(£714.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-007 iTwist

iTwist is a modern take on our popular Spiral product which has been redesigned to make it more suitable for open public spaces as well as schools. The iTwist continues the styling of our iSense range with tuned anodised aluminium chimes mounted on chunky coloured aluminium support posts which each have their own specially designed play rope beater attached. 

This configuration has been very popular as it allows up to 8 users to play the instrument together. Children can move through the instrument as well as round it creating a very interesting creative and social area within the playground.

Shown here set in a 3m diameter circle, however some customers have placed the chimes along a path as an alternative. Post heights range from 2.0m above the ground down to 1.1m

Listen to iTwist (315kb)

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£1495.00 exc VAT
(£1794.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-008 iDrums

Our iDrums are a big, bold and tough set of three drums which produce a deep, rich, resonating sound. Supplied in three different heights and diameters that produce different  tones, our iDrums provide an opportunity for a large number of children to play them at the same time making a great group activity. 

The drum heads are heavy duty HDPE and the bodies are powder coated aluminium. 
The iDrums diameters are 500mm, 600mm, & 700mm with heights of 625mm, 700mm & 775mm respectively.

Also available individually - please contact us to order 

Small 500mm diameter -       £550.00
Medium 600mm diameter -   £650.00
Large 700mm diameter -       £750.00

Prices exclude VAT

Listen to iDrums (176kb)

£1595.00 exc VAT
(£1914.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-009 iWheel

The iWheel fascinates children as it produces a great sound similar to the sound of rain as the wheel is turned. Great for team work and for experimenting with cause and effect. The wheel is made from heavy duty HDPE and stainless steel. The posts are 100mm diameter aluminium with a powder coated finish.

Size - 1.2m tall & 0.6m wide

Listen to iWheel (492kb)

Colour Choice:
£795.00 exc VAT
(£954.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-010 iTubes

Our iTubes add scale and height to the play area. They consist of four tuned stainless steel J-shaped tubes mounted on a heavy duty HDPE support panel which make a deep soft sound similar to a bass guitar when struck with the specially designed paddle. The panel is mounted on two aluminium support posts which can be powder coated in a range of colours.

Size - 2.0m x 1.0m

Listen to iTubes (249kb)

Colour Choice:
£1995.00 exc VAT
(£2394.00 inc VAT)

ID: i-sense-011 iBongo

Our iBongo is a fantastic little instrument and provides the opportunity for children to use their hands and to learn about rhythm and tone on a smaller scale than our iDrums. Four mini drums of varying sizes and tones are attached to a heavy duty HDPE panel which is in turn mounted on two sturdy aluminium posts. 

Size - 1.0m x 0.8m

Listen to iBongo (177kb)

£495.00 exc VAT
(£594.00 inc VAT)