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ID: AMZ01 Amazing Seating
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Our pentagonal maze can seat up to 60 children and broadens the imagination of pupils and teachers alike in terms of the games that can be played and the educational value it provides. The maze brings many benefits to the school environment as it extends classroom into playground. It is suitable for children of all ages, can be used as a quiet area forming the basis of storytelling circle.

Size – 4.4m x 4.2m

£3895.00 exc VAT
(£4674.00 inc VAT)

ID: AMZ02 Mini Maze Seating
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The same benefits as our Amazing Seating but on a much smaller scale. This item can seat up to 20 children.

 Size – 2.7m x 2.6m

£1785.00 exc VAT
(£2142.00 inc VAT)

ID: BEN04 Timber Bench

Our standard timber bench is 1.2m long and can accomodate up to four children. Manufactured from heavy duty treated timber with a smooth sanded finish.

£150.00 exc VAT
(£180.00 inc VAT)

ID: RAD01 Radius Seat
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Our modular radius curved seating has been designed to allow for a number of desirable seating arrangements. Through combining inside and outside radius units you can create a dramatically different modular seating group. By varying the layout and number of curved units you can create a full circle, semi-circle, horseshoe or even serpentine shapes to name a few, thereby providing the most efficient use of seating space.

Each section measures 1.3m long.

£395.00 exc VAT
(£474.00 inc VAT)

ID: STC01 Story Teller Chair
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Securely fixed into the ground the Story Tellers chair is 1500mm high and comes engraved with “Once Upon a Time”. Alternatively for a little extra cost, you can have a personalised engraving to suit. Can be used on its own or with our other seating arrangements

Size – 1.5m x 0.6m

£695.00 exc VAT
(£834.00 inc VAT)